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Lauren Alegre is a singer, songwriter, musician and certified Hypnotherapist who hails from Susanville, California.

She likes short walks, long piers, cats, and gluten-free baking.
Her latest endeavor is an original
hypnotherapy composition entitled Golden Light; a gentle healing meditation. The recording is designed to assist in tension and anxiety management and is intended to be body inclusive and accessible to all. 

Lauren has released two solo music albums, The Green Street EP in 2011 and the full length album, Stella, in 2012.​

Since then she has split her musical energy between the folk group The Alegre Sisters, the Oakland based pop-rock band COAMB  and the neo-pop duo Ingozi Sound Machine.  

​If you enjoy any of the audio recordings linked above and would like to support Lauren and her current and future sound-making you can donate below. 💖  
*and if you'd like to download any of these tracks you can do that through this link:   

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